Litsignal is collaborative medical education.

Litsignal helps you take control of your academic life.

If you've ever experienced information overload or felt that your academic life was in disarray, Litsignal is for you. Instead of letting academic debris accumulate across multiple locations and devices, you can use the simple tools here to build, maintain and share an academic library that you can easily access and navigate when you need it, opening the door to a more productive and collaborative academic life.

With an integrated PubMed search and private storage for your full text articles, Litsignal makes it easy to declutter your electronic and physical file folders. As you curate your personal library, your stars and modules will be visible to the community, making it easy for other users to find valuable content.

That is just the start.

Litsignal reflects your values and respects your needs.

We hold in common many values about the content we share. We believe it is better to work together than to work alone. We believe it is better to share credit than to get none. We believe there are benefits to curating a body of knowledge that is as diverse as our community of educators, learners, and patients. In spite of this cooperative and inclusive spirit, we have not realized the full vision of collaborative medical education. Enter Litsignal.

Litsignal differs from generic document sharing services in a number of important ways and is unique in its focus on eliminating obstacles to collaboration within the medical education community. It combines intuitive searching, organizing, and authoring tools under one umbrella, making it easy to build educational modules from scratch. Academic references are automatically rendered in a familiar and interactive format. An unambiguous licensing framework (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License) makes it easy for anyone to use, improve or remix existing content.

Collaboration and cooperation have always been at the center of how we conduct ourselves in the medical education community, but they have never been so seamlessly integrated into the tools we use to author and maintain content.

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